[Museum Hours]

Hours of operation

9:00am – 5:00pm

Last admission



(When a national holiday falls on Monday, the Museum is open
Monday and closed the following day.)

General Admission Fee (per person)

Adults: ¥510
High School /University & College Students: ¥300 Elementary /Junior High School students: ¥200

Group Rate (per person)

High School /University & College Students: ¥200 Elementary /Junior High School students: ¥150


Kiyoshi Saito Museum of Art, Yanaizu
187 Shitadairaotsu, Yanaizu-machi, Kawanuma-gun, Fukushima-ken 969-7201, Japan Phone:(0241)42-3630(Domestic Calls)
+81-(241) 42-3630(International Calls) FAX:(0241)-42-3631(Domestic Calls) +81-(241) 42-3631(International Calls)



[Floor Guide]

Exhibition room

Kiyoshi Saito drew quite a lot of his works before he made them into prints.
During each of the four seasons, you can experience a separate themed collection of his works on exhibit.

Museum shop

Available items include a collection of works, reproduction printings, picture cards, post cards and many of other goods connected with Kiyoshi Saito.

Video corner

Video recordings give visitors a profile of Kiyoshi Saito. (Running time: 22 min. Limited to 15 seats.)

Multipurpose hall

Guests can view the same scenery used as subject matter in Kiyoshi’s works from the wide window facing the Tadamigawa-river.


By Public Transport (JR Line)
Tokyo Station (Tohoku Shinkansen Line)=> Koriyama Station (Ban-etsu West Line) => Aizu-wakamatsu Station (Tadami Line)=> Aizu-yanaizu Station

Tokyo Station (Joetsu Shinkansen Line)=> Nagaoka Station (Joetsu Line)=> Koide Station (Tadami Line)=> Aizu-yanaizu Station

By Car
Tohoku Expressway => Ban-etsu Expressway => Aizu-bange IC
=> R252 toward Yanaizu-machi for about 5km (Located on the Roadside Station Aizu-yanaizu)